The billboard bench...

If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably been sitting on a DryBench. Either way: the DryBench is not only clean and dry, but can also be used to convey a message. So an ‘interactive billboard’.

The seat of the DryBench automatically folds up when no one is sitting on it. So we can put a text under the seat. As soon as someone sits down, the backrest becomes visible, which can also contain a text. For example, you can communicate a question and answer. Or a quote from a book or film is ‘printed’ on the seat and then on the backrest you can read more information about the quote by scanning the QR code. An example with a movie quote spoken by people sitting on a DryBench folding seat:

” Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow “

Do you recognize this bench-quote? Indeed… these words can be heard in Men in Black. It’s the scene where the older Agent K. or Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) has a good conversation with rookie Agent J. or Jay (Will Smith).


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