The smart bench

Always sit dry and clean with this automatic folding seat. The DryBench fits perfectly in NARRO STREETS and can be LOCKED during the night. The DryBench is located in Utrecht, Haarlem and Rotterdam, among others

Where can I test (s)it?

Impression of the DryBench family


'The municipality of Utrecht is proud owner of the first ever DryBench (situated next to the Dom tower). Both our citizens and our many tourists appreciate this clever Dutch Design bench that is always clean and dry. For us as a municipality, the additional advantage is that the folding bench is very narrow and therefore takes up little space in our busy historic city center
Fred Nuwenhuis
Area manager Municipality of Utrecht
'The DryBench folding seat not only is dry after a rain shower, but also stays 'clean' from mud feet and pigeon droppings. An asset for our lovely city.'
Gijs Matser
Proud citizen of Utrecht
'A moment of rest in a busy area, and then also dry! What a great bench! It's nice that there are places in Utrecht where you can rest, come together and enjoy our city.'
Nadia Stylianou
Counselor for D66 in Utrecht