Thé foldingseat for narrow streets

 Many cities have narrow streets, once intended for walking people or at most horse-drawn carriages. These streets, often in the center, can barely handle the flow of people on sunny days. Let alone that there are still objects in the way. Like wide benches…

The DryBench is not only clean and dry, but also narrow. Folded up, the folding seat takes up a lot less space. After all, you miss the entire session. This means that the DryBench does not take up unnecessary space on busy days and at the same time offers a nice seat on quiet days.

So: if you are a (purchaser of) a municipality and you are looking for a stylish bench that also takes up little space, then choose the DryBench. The Dutch municipality of Utrecht preceded you…




With such a small bench there is plenty of room for street musicians 🙂
The DryBench has a handy optional lace-up platform.