The DryBench street furniture was conceived, designed and developed in the Netherlands. That is why we proudly call it ‘Dutch design’. Simplicity is key here. KISS is key.

As any product developer knows, it is quite easy to create a complex product. The trick is to keep it as simple as possible. If you add something, take something away. We think we have succeeded in this with the DryBench. For example, the DryBench does not use complex electrical parts, but only gravity.

This makes the DryBench the first truly automatic folding bench for the outdoor area. And you see: street furniture can be practical and beautiful at the same time. Producer STEDON rightly calls itself ‘Beautifier of the outdoor space’.

Do you, as a municipality, want to move to a more beautiful outdoor space? Are you an architect looking for design street furniture that is smart, beautiful and also affordable? Then the DryBench family is there for you.

Bench for small streets 
The Billboard bench
Bench with a night lock
Design process

Tip! The DryBench can be found in The Dutch municipalities of Utrecht, Haarlem and Rotterdam, among others.